Sunday, August 30, 2009


I know it is so hard to find anything really made with quality fabrics for Halloween.They are all itchy,starchy and made with the worst fabrics available and they are for most of the times for our most precious possession.Our kids

So here it is I love this Alice In Wonderland custom made costume. I know my etsy buyers are loving this.I can make this any size even for Adults. So go Check this out if you love Alice or you know someone who loves it. Enjoy it.
Oh I can also add Alice applique on it if you wish.
happy shopping.


Yes, I have been working none stop on my Halloween orders and some fall items.THANKS SO VERY MUCH ALL OF MY ETSY BUYERS.YOU ROCK!!!!!!! I love Etsy.The whole concept of handmade goods ,all the time by very very talented people.How cool is that!!

I am working really hard to add many new things weekly on Etsy. My store is growing ,It is so wonderful to see many new buyers loving my designs and appreciating all the hard work goes in to each and every piece. No bidding ,no worrying.Just come pick your favorite and purchase it. And within couple of weeks POOF, your purchase at your door custom made just for you!!!!!

Like I said my target is REALLY REALLY to get my Etsy store up and running as I wish and getting steady sells ,So I can just be a full time Etsy seller. No more bidding none sense.

Also an other big issue is the Shill Bidding on Ebay. Unfortunately some of so called "Big Sellers" there are no so big in fact! And unfortunately ,some buyers think they are buying something so very special since they spent so much money. Seems like true idea of buying high quality and unique items are not in fashion anymore.It is so sad.

Also My dear friend Anna of Roseythreads and I opening our new website.. We are so excited to offer great variety of items there . I will be keep you all posted when we open our doors.

Here are some wonderful listings I added into my Etsy store recently. Will add so many more Christmas and fall items .Check back weekly

Sunday, August 23, 2009

OOAKs and Samples.

Again Too many samples and OOAKs. Please give them home! and a loving children to adore them
Here is the link for Ebay.
For Ebay Please click here

Need them Custom Here they are on Etsy
For Etsy Please click here

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I had this fabric for a while .It was time to work with it. It is adorable with Minnie,Mickey and Pluto. So this is what I came up with. It was fun to make it. You can find it here on Ebay

Or on Etsy