Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Good afternoon
I have few things to share with you all. Since Halloween craziness is over (at least in my orders) I will be able to list some new goodies at Etsy and some on Ebay. I am cutting down a lot on Ebay and loving Etsy everyday little bit more!!!

Still working on my website and very excited about it. I can't wait to share my brand new collections,separates and mix'n'match pieces with you.

My promotional offer for Free shipping on all orders still active on Etsy. So please take advantage of it!! Also I offer lay aways if you like to purchase few things with free shipping prefer but "like many of us" you can effort to pay a chunk of money Just email me. I will work for you to find the best lay away option just for you.This way you will secure your orders and will receive the free shipping on top of it!!!

My privite sample sale is also still active.I am posting few pictures here these are available Again Just email me and will take care of your orders.

Here we are newly lited on Etsy

Newly listed on Ebay and more

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One more For The Holidays .Welcome Noelle

Did you know there is a new Ebay boutique group called ICING! Well Noelle and Nick are our first stars.
Here is my dress featuring Noelle and her friends.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I have been REALLY good .I swear =) I promise. So I am hoping Santa will bring lots of goodies to me this year. I wonder if economy is effecting him too! I hope not My fingers crossed. Maybe I should cross my toes too in any case.

So to honer his honer , I made this beautiful Vida Santa applique dress! I added lots of beads and small amount of painting . I love this colors Not your traditional colors for Christmas time. Lots of pinks,blues, greens and dark pink/red. I am in love! I love anything santa. although We live in Urban area , I can help to get my "Santa collection" out every year. And yes "I DO BELIVE IN SANTA CLAUSE"

I have couple of other brand new holiday designs they are ready and needs to be pictures. So look no further than here for your holiday outfits. They will be listed soo.


First bidder of any of my new holiday designs will receive a custom applique shirt of your choice.

Here is the link for Ebay.
For Ebay Please click here

Need them Custom Here they are on Etsy
For Etsy Please click here