Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I hope everybody is having a wonderful week.I wish you all nothing but the best,health and happy time with your friends and families. We hear alot of different stories amongs friends and they are sometimes very very sad. Just reminds you how the life is so precious.So enjoy it and don't sweat for the little things =)


Here are some sneak peaks for up coming events.They WON'T be listed till March 24th on Ebay Some won't be listed on Ebay AT ALL!But if you like them you can find them on Etsy. And You can purchase them immediately too.

Before I start to post the pictures (believe me there are tons and tons more sets BTW) I want to talk about a special event taking place on Etsy. My wonderful Etsy Team ABSD is having a month long (March 18th -April 18Th) SPRING BREAK Event. If you never heard of ABSD it is a great mixture of many talented artists who design many amazing things for you little ones ,for you and your home. So Please go to Etsy and Search ABSD today. Between the given date each of us will offer either great savings ,(I am offering 10% off of your total purchase) ,Giveaways ,free stuff etc. Enjoy surfing on ETSY.

Now the pictures ;)

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