Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh Boy!

Ohhhhh! I needed it that. I have so many new things to talk about and show pictures. Seems like have been just working none stop.Thanks for all of my wonderful customers who is always there and ready to put their trust in my work! I really appreciate all of you .THANK YOU!
Where ever I turn I see something about the economy nowadays.It is all about how bad it is and how to spend our hard earn money smart. So me and my wonderful Ebay group "WisteriaLane" have been really thinking and talking about how We can help our buyers too. So we came up with wonderful idea. I will be poting a few details on this VERY shortly.We are all excited and I hope you are too.=)
Our Monthly launch is on its way.Will show some wonderful Pictures here as soon as I get them from My model.Don't forget Early bird gets the worm!

Also My Etsy group ABSD is also having a wonderful promotion called "Spring Thing". It is starting March 18 th to April 18 th. All of our Etsy Team members will be offering amazing deals for all of our buyers So Please check ABSD out at Etsy. Very talented bunch of ladies..

Buyers and watchers? Seems like who ever I am talking to telling me how many watchers ,watching each and every listings.On Ebay and On Etsy too. It is alot of watchers. Sounds wonderful It shows us that we are reaching many potential buyers or bidders. Makes us so very happy. I wish bids were as much as (even close) to the amount of our watchers too.
So here is my question.Why do you watch items? Post your answers here Please I would love to hear from you.

Now I am off to sewing more.Will talk to you shortly.

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