Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am slowly emptying my sample closet. It feels really good since I am working on great things for up coming season,Back To School and Holidays! And I have so much to come. I am really excited about Holidays too. There are super cute Halloween and Christmas prints out there. I have been looking forward to using them ,dreaming about them for a while now. OH BOY Can't wait!!
In the mean time I will continue to list the samples and new designs for Wisterialane Mini launches and main launches.

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Here is one I listed yesterday. The color combination is just amazing on this. Soft yet so bright shades of Mauve and greens,browns over beautiful cream background. Unique sholder straps (as you know I try to come up with new ways to add them ) and buttons. It is really pretty .
Today Wisterialane Mermaid Adventure Mini launc starts So search Wisterialane on Ebay!!

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