Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Ok I really cracked my self up with this tittle. =)
I have been looking around in my sewing studio and thinking " I can probably open a fabric store with the amount of fabric I have". I have ALOT! I have my favorites and seems like I am holding on to them like crazy person. So I have been going through all of them and picking truly MY FAVORITE prints and working with them.So Next couple of weeks I will be listing this "treasures" one by one under my "precious" collection. Why Because all this prints are really precious to me. Unfortunately I have small amount of them and most of them Out of Print. I think That is one of the reasons That, I can't use them. I am afraid ,When They are all used up I won't be able to find this prints. But it is time to let it go "I guess".

So here is the first of many.Little Bear Cubs prints are VERY VERY hard to find. I have little bit of this pink version is left .So This is what I came up with. The cutes Applique Dress!!! Isn't It "precious"? Also Pay attention to bodice.That floral print is also OOP. And I loveeeeeeeeeeee it! Colors are just wonderful for any season. Applique came out just perfect too.

Each and every piece of it drawn by hand cut by hand and sewn by hand.. Takes lots of time and attention.

So This beauty is up on Ebay

Now, what's coming up. Oh Boy, My Ebay group Wisterialane is having a wonderful guest launch Starting on June 5th. Here is a sneak peek for you.I love the colors and the prints on this... You will love it. I will keep you posted.

And if you Love pink Flamingoes ,Just wait and see what is coming up for you!!!!


  1. Super adorable! And that pie dress... I'm drooling, seriously - that is GORGEOUS! You are so talented, Alev! :-)

  2. Thanks so much Lindsey I really appreciate it =) (support and friendship)