Saturday, July 25, 2009


Yeap.. I have been working none stop. Love it! Call me crazy =) Then I realized I made many new and fun things. To Be honest with you,I missed making my own loved patterned designs.. Seems like everybody wants to make and buy the same cuts nowadays. Nothing is the same as it was when I first started selling on Ebay. It is before anything else was around. (yes I have been around for a while 7 years!!!!). There was no Etsy No craft cult nothing. Just Ebay. Looked different too. Sellers were different .Most of those sellers are not on Ebay any more.Most of them left ,some only selling on Etsy. Looks like it has been taken over by just a few people on Ebay and the rest of us just watching and scratching our heads!

Well ,I am jumping one subject to other I guess. What was I saying? Oh Yes, I have been working long hours.I just looked in to my samples I have so many There is no way I can offer those custom back to back. I need to work on my on boutique business line .I have meetings to go and people to see ,factories to visit. So Here it is I am putting them all on Ebay with bottom line prices.99% of them brand new and never been seen before.I won't list them on ebay again at least this year. I might put them piece by piece on Etsy as customs slowly. Since Etsy items stays there longer time priod I can manage to offer them. Not On Ebay .
Thay are all colorful ,most of them have appliques on too. So much work. I look at them and Feel happy. They worth so much more then what I am asking for. So be kind to me and bid on them They need beautiful kids to love them =)

Today I decided on not talking business and also what is on my mind too. Something different. I will be keep writing =)

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