Sunday, January 25, 2009


Everybody is loving my large panel Vida dresses. well tell you the truth I LOVE them too. I think they are so unique ,colorful and fun.....
I will be keep making them. I have few in my mind and I know they will be so much fun to make it.
Here is an example of it.This one is being sold on Ebay and also on my Etsy store.

Well I have to add ,Althogth I call them VIDA dresses as you can see they are different.
Here is an other one

Is it this just so much fun! I love how all the colors came together.

There is a new one coming up! I am really excitede about.Would be super great for everyday or even for EASTER. I will call it "MY GARDEN"... Just keep checking my blog so you won't miss it.