Saturday, January 17, 2009


Since december of last year I have been working on the new things like crazy .Most of it for Ebay of course.I feel like I have to put more time on my Etsy listings. Honestly I feel guilty for not doing it.Also feel like I have no time to do it.Just imagine ,working on the new designs for Ebay ,new pieces for Etsy and all the custom orders.This is just the "work" point of everything.Still have to take care of the house =).I have to list some of my favorites on Etsy too.

Oh I am sure most of you don't even know about Etsy.

SO ,WHAT IS ETSY? is a place to buy all things handmade. When I say eveything I meant it. Not only clothing for your little one,but for your self too.Jewelry,toys ,collectibles even bake goods and soaps ....

Vibe of Etsy is so different than Ebay. No waiting,no bidding.Just go there buy instantly what ever you heart wishes.Amazing group of Artists all together. So please take a moment and visit Etsy.You will find so many familiar faces from Ebay Boutique World too. My store is located at

Now the new goodies.

This wonderful applique dress will be listed on Ebay for Wisterialane Spring Guest launch on 19th of January.

Here is the sneek peak for you.I love this brand new print called Feathered Friends
There are so many new designs coming up .So keep watching.

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