Friday, January 16, 2009


Yes.. Today is the day to start my new adventure into blogging. I am excited since We are all ready for "new year new me" . I have many ideas how to take over the blogging world (especially boutique world).

What to expect from me and my wonderful brand new blog. I want to share so many things with you all. First I want you to get to know me. For years I have been designing and selling my creations with my wonderful buyers.I do have great relationship with most of you.But truly want you to know me better. Second of all I want to share my designing process with you.What I am planing to make next or what inspired me to make it that way but not this way. Sure, sometimes I start something thinking it will turn out like this and I might end up with that. Right/ Yeah,just like the life it self.It just takes you places that you never imagine it would. So please please bear with me when I am taking my new adventure in to Blogging world.I am looking forward to seeing you all here.

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