Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am so excited on my new dresses !!!! I really am. They are just so colorful with so many little details. When I got this from My model mom (Thanks Beth) I was so happy. Isn't wonderful. She is working on the other dresses and They are as cute as they can be.This would be great for all year around as well as for Easter.

I missed Spring. In NY one day is nice and warm and the next day is freezing. I hate cold. At least I can work on my Spring and Easter dresses to make my life more colorful and fun.


Ok Next 2 weeks will be the giveaway dates. Starts today Feb 24th ends march 10th /11th

You Must bid on items as many times as possible .You DON"T HAVE TO WIN the auction . Each bid will be counted as one entry so If you bid 10 times you will be entered 10 times. Any Auction item will be eligible .

And at the end One luck one will receive a wonderful dress!!!!!!! of my choice but you can help me with prints ,colors and designs!

So Starts today Don't forget to bid!
For Etsy and buy will count as one entry.So go ahead and check Etsy too.

Click herefor my Ebay listings

Click herefor my Etsy listings

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