Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is it Easter already?

ok ,You know how we work... We do start listing couple of months before any special holiday. But planing starts way before that. I have been playing with my fabrics again Thinking about Spring and Easter. I already made few things for the celebration of Spring. "Since we had an other snow storm recently in NY". Oh They are so colorful and deligthful. I am so excited!

I love the combination of oranges and pinks, also unxcpected print combinations.Like in my little chicken vida dress. Flowers and little chickens. Just love it!

So what is coming next. Oh I have so many wonderful things planned. Import fabrics with ruffles, purples and pinks ,cute animals. So many many colorful ideas!

Here is a sneak peak for my kitty set with leggings.Will be available on February 17th for our Wisterialane launch! See you there!

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