Sunday, February 15, 2009

What's Going On?

Oh boy=) I got so busy again.. with many things. Schools are on winder break in NY. I am so happy to have my little one around. I miss her when she is gone.
Working on few things.Many dresses and great deal of new ideas. Few for Easter also can be worn after and before Easter and few for spring and even for now with a shirt under it. And I love the one for Saint Patrick's day. Which will be listed tomorrow On Monday.
I will post the pictures soon here.

What is coming up. I have been thinking about a Sponge Bob set for a looong time. My daughter requested from me. I finally decided to work on it. It will have few appliques on too. I am working on the characters right now.Not sure if i go with the dress and pants or shirt and pants. Too many details!
Well Please email me and let me know What would be the best for you.

OK Now the fun stuff. I am planing for a give away. Each bid will be entered to my giveaway regardless of the price. And the price is Applique Tshirt with a choice of any character you want! How cool is that. So bid often bid more and get your shirt!
Will post the details shortly.

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